Custom lengths and cores available. Please email us directly after placing order.

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KX450F 2016-2018

Rocket Exhaust produces premium quality, made in the USA exhaust systems. The unique “octagonal” shape of the muffler has superior noise canceling features; larger packing volume is stronger, lighter and has better tire clearance than conventional designs. If you need to reduce the decibel level Rocket offers optional Stealth Core inserts. We also have a full line of performance engine parts, Stage 1, 2 and 3 engine packages with CNC ported cylinder heads, engine rebuild services and custom Vortex ECU maps for our engine kits. Please contact us for more information.

Standard 250F/350F muffler length 14.5 inches, Standard 450F muffler length 15.5 inches. CRF 250/450 dual system muffler lengths 12″. Custom lengths available.

The Rocket Exhuast

The muffler housing is available in brushed aluminum, black hard anodized aluminum and carbon fiber. The unique muffler mounting system insures a “happy” fit utilizing our adjustable CNC machined hanger bracket and precision mid-pipe to muffler slip-fit.

Head and mid-pipes are constructed from aircraft quality 304 stainless steel. Each model is dyno tuned and track tested to optimize performance and power gains using “stepped” and or “tapered” tube designs.


Carbon fiber end-cap

Standard equipment

Lightweight header/mid

Thin wall 304 stainless steel head and mid-pipe construction

Lightweight muffler

6061 aluminum or optional lightweight carbon fiber muffler housing


Race legal versions available

Optional muffler lengths

(12″-17″) and multiple core designs available

USDA Forest Service

Approved spark arrester optional

CNC machined

Hanger bracket and end cap nozzle

General Warranty

We take care of all our customers. If it is broken, we fix it.


Muffler Length

12″, 14.5″ to 15.5″ (Custom Lengths Available)

Muffler Width

mm (varies per length and core type)

Muffler Tip Diameter

mm (varies per length and core type)

Muffler Weight

lbs (varies per length and core type)

Bracket Material

CNC Machined 6061 Aluminum

Hardware Type

CAD Plated Steel

Header Length

inches (varies per bike)

Header Diameter

mm (varies per bike)

Header Weight

lbs (varies per bike)

Header Material

304 Stainless Steel

Weld Type

TIG Welded

Max Sound Output

dB (std systems meet AMA 94 db, FIM 2 Meter Max avail (not for all bikes) (note larger outlet nozzle and or core dia and shorter muffler housing will add more sound db)

Max Sound Output

94 dB with Stealth Insert

Powerband Change

(every bike is different)

Time to Install

10 minutes

Additional information

Weight 0.000000 lbs


Material for Muffler Housing

, ,

Spark Arrestor

Yes, No

Black Hard Anodized

Yes – Aluminum Only, No


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