I received the pipe yesterday. I went out to the garage to install the exhaust and guess what?  It fit perfectly!  Fired the Berg up and checked ever thing out. I even pulled the shock and ran the rear wheel all the way up to check for clearance. All looks good!
Thanks for all your help.

Don S

A couple of weeks ago I installed my first Rocket Exhaust system on my KTM 350xcf. Opening the box I was really impressed with the workmanship and look of the Rocket Exhaust system and taking the old pipe off made me really appreciate the 3 piece design of the Rocket pipe. The stock 2 piece pipe requires you to take the sub frame and rear shock off to remove it, the 3 piece Rocket pipe will make maintenance much easier in the need to remove the pipe. Now on to the performance, over the past few weeks I have been able to ride and race with the system. First, let me say that I’m a B lever offroad rider(hare scramblers). Everyone knows that the KTM 350 makes awesome power on the high end but sometimes leaves you wanting a little more on the bottom especially in the type of ridding I do. After ridding the bike with the stock system the goal for me was to make more usable power in the lower rpm’s but not radically change the the feel of the 350;s motor and the addition of the Rocket Exhaust system has been been able to accomplish this goal. It has given me the confidence of knowing that when I need that little extra boast of power down low its there. For the price the Rocket exhaust is a great performance value for the top level racer or the amateur racer that may still be in school and on a budget like me. Plus its American made and you cant beat that.

Chris Gares

Don, Thanks for taking the time to explain not only what I was doing wrong but why, not many people in the MX business would do that.

Ryan D


Hey Rocket!

I just put my CRF250R pipe on and WOW! That thing is awesome!

thx for hooking me up!!

Matt G


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